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How do I choose a dual language school for my children?

Understand the different models of dual language programs and learn how to choose the best dual language school for your children.

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How can a school implement a Dual Language School Program?

Find research to help your school implement a dual language program. Connect and communicate with other dual language schools across the nation.

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Resources for Dual Language School Teachers

Share resources, tools, strategies and more among other Dual Language School teachers or find a teaching opportunity at a Dual Language School!

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The Dual Language Schools guide to Start a Successful Dual Language Immersion Program

16. Dual Language School Environment

Continue to build a school-side multilingual, multicultural school environment to signal to the school and community that target culture and language are as...

15. Curriculum

Continue providing linguistically appropriate curriculum and instructional materials in the target language as the dual language education program at each...

14. Continue to Inform Parents and Community

Continue to have parents and community members be informed and supportive of the dual language education program, and to see it and communicate it to their...

13. Public Relations and Recruitment

Keep the information on the dual language education program current. Join the dual language education professional community. Disseminate program information...

12. Assessment and Evaluation for a Dual Language Program Implementation

Provide ongoing feedback on program implementation, student academic achievement, and student language acquisition to guide program improvement toward results...

Dual Language School Blog

Dual Language Teacher and Students
3 Min. Read

Why would I want to send my child to a dual language immersion school?

Mastering two or more languages has enormous benefits for students, both native speakers of English and native speakers of the target language(s) at a dual...
Dual Language Teacher and Students in the classroom
2 Min. Read

How do I know if it’s a quality dual language immersion program?

After contacting and interviewing the school, you may ask to observe in the dual language immersion classrooms. Many schools have special times that they...

Imagen de una maestra con sus estudiantes sentados en una mesa.
3 Min. Read

What is a dual language immersion program?

A dual language immersion program has goals of full bilingualism and biliteracy in English and a target (non-English) language. The program enrolls native...

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