Planning for the Dual Language Classroom: The C6 Biliteracy Framework

Article Photo: Planning for the Dual Language Classroom: The C6 Biliteracy Framework

I am ashamed to admit that sometimes, while still a teacher, I created lesson plans on the fly.

As an educator, I worked hard to meet students’ varied needs, to create an inclusive classroom environment, to promote student autonomy and voice, and to facilitate learning – rather than simply sharing content and language information. But, I also remember, on occasion, lesson planning during my drive to school. For this, I am sorry, even now.

I believe that my need to create educational access for every child, stems from many things, but, it also comes from this belief that if I had done more, if I had known more, if I had lesson planned more, perhaps, I would have been able to create even more access for the students I was blessed to serve.

Today, I share my thoughts about the importance of lesson planning with every dual language teacher and administrator I encounter. I know that it is not the “sexiest” of topics…lesson planning. But, especially in dual language programming, it is one thing that we can control – and that will ensure that emergent bilingual students have the greatest opportunity to achieve academic and personal growth

The C6 Biliteracy Framework was created specifically to facilitate the lesson planning process for teachers serving in dual language programs. Although there are components that every teacher must include in the design of a lesson, there are specific elements that are imperative when facilitating instruction for students learning academic content through two or more languages. In the development of the framework, it was also important that it be grounded in best practices and easy to use as teachers plan independently and/or in grade level/team meetings.

As a co-author of the widely used Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education: Third Edition, and as someone who provides dual language support throughout the country and internationally, it was also important that the C6 Biliteracy Framework aligned with the three goals of dual language . Therefore, an overt focus on student agency, equity, social justice, and service to others is an integral part of the framework.

Article Photo: Planning for the Dual Language Classroom: The C6 Biliteracy Framework

The C6 Biliteracy Framework is shared as part of this article. During the next couple of months, I will be writing explicitly about each of the 6 Cs. It is my hope that this framework can serve as a tool to guide the important work of lesson planning with the targeted purpose of serving emergent bilingual students.

To the students I have had the pleasure of serving throughout my career, know that I did the best I could to meet your needs, with what I knew at the time. But, also understand that each day I wake up ready to serve because of you and on your behalf. You are my children, always

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