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    Hello all! I am looking forward to seeing you in NYC very soon.
    Please come prepared with the following information for my discussion:

    What’s new? How can I implement new information? What is my part in the process? What do I need to understand and actualize? Do we have the support and resources? How do we develop a plan based on language principles? What language principles are the most important as guiding principles and goals? What can I do to ensure the plan includes the most current empirical research in the program design?

    The Symposium is a first step in thinking about and discussing what it will take to develop a practical plan that can be implemented to attain the goal of supporting all students acquire multiple languages and increase cognitive capacity, comprehension and executive function.

    As the facilitator for the discussion on developing a program design for Multiple Language Development for diverse language learners and all students, the goals for the discussion are two-part:

    1. Define 2 language principles that form the foundation of a Multi-Language Program Design.

    2. Begin the process of identifying and defining important aspects or elements of the program design that can be used as the basis on which to build. Of course, the outcome depends on several factors: time allowed to develop, how much common information is shared among group participants, and will the group define 2 guiding language principles expeditiously or need more time to find a consensus.