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  • Preparation for Jose Medina Presentation

    Hola! I am very excited to see you all very shortly at the NYC Symposium!
    As a former principal, I love serving administrators because I feel like I can give them an insight – whether monolingual or bilingual. All administrators have the capacity to really be a great dual language instructional leader, as well as advocate.

    One of the things that my colleagues and I plan to do at the symposium is to reiterate and re-emphasize the idea that both the English teacher and partner language teacher are responsible for the biliteracy development of a student. Even though they may only be facilitating their lessons in their respective language, they are both a crucial piece to the development of an emerging bilingual student’s language development.

    Please come prepared to my presentation with an open heart and an open mind. I plan to push the thinking so that you all will not only align with the latest research but also continue to dissect personal biases and belief systems in terms of what dual language is and the educational access created for dual language programs. I ask that attendees be ready to have fun, be ready to learn, and be ready to be challenged.

    At the end of the day, dual language – and being a dual language administrator – is about entering the school system, that has often forgotten and marginalized student groups, and asking that space in the name of equity and social justice. And really that’s the job.

    Please respond to this post if you need any clarity or have questions!