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  • How to Prepare for my Discussion

    Hi all! Please come prepared for my discussion with the following questions, and discussion topics:
    Please respond to this thread with any questions, and your answers to the below questions.
    • How they and/or their organizations can ensure the strengthening and expansion of dual language education programming?
    • What their individual roles can be to this strengthening and expansion?
    • How can their roles align and support the roles of other organizations, including the school communities?

    Consider the importance of bilingualism and multicultural competency in their own lives and for their own families (write down related thoughts), and

    Read articles related to the expansion of dual language education and the reasons for the expansion. Motivations are variety as to why school communities choose to implement this transformation program model, and it is important to understand the different reasons for why the program model is chosen.

    I feel the symposium is vital because where dual language education holds the promises of turning achievement gaps into achievement opportunities, and in graduating a bilingual/multicultural citizenry that is prepared to contribute and compete in local and global markets? If our stakeholders in the community want this for our students, families and future generations, then they need to take an active role in this. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!