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  • Get ready for my session!

    Hi all! Get ready for a new way of analyzing existing DL programs or ways of designing new ones. I鈥檓 hoping you can see the connection between preteaching vocabulary as a precursor into reading comprehension for mastering core content, and for producing academic writing for different purposes and subjects in order to keep students at grade level in both languages.

    NEWS FLASH! You have homework before the symposium 馃槉 Please answer these questions before attending the symposium. You can enter your responses in

    * What is the best way to teach vocabulary/academic language? Reading comprehension? Writing?

    * How do we integrate academic language, literacy and content into our daily lessons?

    * What type of professional development ensures these adaptations?

    * Where can we get more resources and more support?

    It is so exciting that we get to offer so many sessions in Spanish! This is how all professional offerings should be. NYC DOE is setting a trend for the rest of the country. They are validating DL teachers requests for more PD in Spanish and focusing while focusing on equity and quality implementation. I hope the rest of the country continues the trend.

    Want to come more prepared to Dr. Calder贸n鈥檚 presentation? Read one of ExC-ELL鈥檚 articles or books in their PLCs and formulate questions, see below for suggestions.

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