DLS Guide To Start Successful Dual Language Immersion Program

Are you interested in starting a new dual language program in your community?  Did you want to provide support to a principal or parent, or maybe get a school board member to understand the key steps to take in establishing a sustainable dual language program? Join our New Dual Language program support group and make it happen! DualLanguageSchools.org, with the generous sponsorship of Velazquez Press, is able to provide you a free guide and on-line community to help those interested in bringing all the benefits of the various Dual Language program models to your schools. Here are the things you can do to participate:

1. Fill out the form below to receive the Guide to Start a Successful Dual Language Program.

2. Join the Facebook group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/newduallanguage

3. Read the Dual Language Guide Steps available at the time of your registration. The guide includes:

4. Participate in the guided questions and events on https://www.facebook.com/groups/newduallanguage

This a support group, so we encourage you to ask questions, share your experience and be active in helping others!