Dual Language SchoolsDual Language School Environment


Continue to build a school-side multilingual, multicultural school environment to signal to the school and community that target culture and language are as important as the mainstream culture and English at the school site.


Seeing a change in the school-wide environment as it embraces multilingualism and multiculturalism will have a significant positive impact on all the students at the school, and will highlight the program as a benefit for all students instead of only benefiting the English Learners.

  • Continue Building and Supporting the School-Wide Bilingual and Bicultural Environment
    • Campus signs should be in both English and the target language.
    • Office personnel should be bilingual (English and the target language)
      • Should know dual language education program well enough to answer questions that parents may have when considering enrolling their children in the program.
    • Promote field trips for students in the program to learn about the target language culture.
    • Encourage students to use the target language outside the classroom.