Dual Language SchoolsEngaging Parents and Community


To have parents and community members be informed and supportive of the dual language education program, and to see it and communicate it to their peers as a program that will benefit to all students, not just English Learners.


Parents and community are key in growing and sustaining a dual language education program. Being able to engage them early on and develop a partnership with them toward supporting the program as it grows will be extremely critical. Parents will have many questions and concerns regarding the program, and it is important that we can address them in an accurate manner. In order to have an effective Dual Language Program, it is vital to make sure that parents know they are an integral part of the community. 

  • After the dual language education program has been in place for several months, hold information meetings and tours for parents and community members to allow them to see first-hand the great work that the teachers and students are doing in the dual language education program to teach and learn in two languages. Plan interactive games and activities so parents can see what their children are doing in their classes
  • Provide resources, activities and materials after these meetings for parents to know how they can help their children learn the target language outside the classroom
  • Encourage opportunities for parents to assist in classroom. Make sure that parents know they are welcome and vital to the learning process so that they feel motivated to continue teaching their children at home
  • Promote the parent's education in the target language by providing access to resources: library with bilingual articles, books, digital resources, and materials available for parents to checkout 
  • Continue to include parent representatives in the Leadership Team to provide the connection to the community that is so important to the success and sustainability of the program. Make sure parents know how important they are in engaging the community and improving the acceptability of Dual Language programs within the community. Allow them to plan events that they feel will be successful in engaging the community, this will help them feel their importance and continue to maintain leadership within the school