Dual Language SchoolsProfessional Development for the Implementation of a Dual Language Program


Provide initial professional development on dual language education to all staff at each site implementing a dual language program. Provide ongoing professional development for all involved in the dual language education program, including time for program teachers to collaborate on the implementation of the program.


Being able to stay current in all the aspects of a dual language education program is critical to its implementation, success, and sustainability. District and site administrators, as well as teachers and other personnel involved in the program, should have regular opportunities to participate in professional development specifically focused on dual language education programs in addition to all the other professional development offered to them through the district and site.

    Provide Professional Development

    • Initial professional development on dual language education for all staff members (certificated and classified) at sites implementing a dual language program. Professional development consultants may be found through:
    • Opportunities for dual language program administrators and teachers to receive professional development from dual language consultants (listed above) in the following areas:
      • Biliteracy
      • Second language acquisition
      • Cultural competence
      • Cooperative learning
      • Academic content in the target language
      • Developing academic language in the target language

    Provide Opportunities for Other Types of Professional Development

    • Collaboration time for program teachers on program implementation
    • Opportunities for district and site administrators, as well as teachers and other program personnel, to participate in any dual language education networks available at the state or county level

    Provide Opportunities for Educational Conference Attendance

    • Opportunities for dual language program teachers and administrators to attend educational conferences with a focus on dual language.
    • Partner with a local university to establish a mutually beneficial relationship
      • Professional development
        • For teachers by faculty members on dual language topics
        • For university faculty members on current educational issues/topics
      • Program evaluation support from university faculty
      • Research opportunities in dual language sites and classrooms
      • Possible source of new dual language education program teachers if university has a bilingual authorization program for new or in-service teachers in the target language.