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How do I choose a dual language school for my children?

Understand the different models of dual language programs and learn how to choose the best dual language school for your children.

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How can a school implement a Dual Language School Program?

Find research to help your school implement a dual language program. Connect and communicate with other dual language schools across the nation.

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Resources for Dual Language School Teachers

Share resources, tools, strategies and more among other Dual Language School teachers or find a teaching opportunity at a Dual Language School!

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Fun Energetic Certified Teachers

Category: N/AType: Full-time
Teachers should have experience with the comprehensive approach to literacy. Our program is a dual language  (english/spanish) program. Demo lesson and interview required. Fluent in Spanish...
Language(s): Spanish
Posted: 2 semanas 3 días ago Expires in: 3 semanas 6 días

John Stanford Int'l. Elem. - Spanish Language Immersion Teacher - .5 FTE

Category: N/AType: Part-time
Please see our web site for more details:[0]=john%...
Language(s): Spanish
Posted: 2 semanas 3 días ago Expires in: 3 semanas 5 días

Elementary School Teacher - Bilingual Authorization: Spanish required - Sumac Elementary School

Category: N/AType: Full-time
POSITION TITLE:    Teacher  REPRESENTATIVE DUTIES: Teach and assess pupil performance as it relates to the Board approved content and performance standards appropriate to...
Language(s): Spanish
Posted: 2 semanas 6 días ago Expires in: 3 semanas 2 días
California, Agoura Hills

Spanish Dual Language Immersion - Elementary

Category: N/AType: Full-time
Performance Responsibilities: Provides instruction in Spanish for the purpose of achieving success in academic, interpersonal and daily living skills through defined lesson plans Adapts...
Language(s): Spanish
Posted: 1 mes 1 día ago Expires in: 1 semana 5 días
Georgia, Atlanta

Chinese Immersion Teacher - Elementary

Category: Language: ChineseType: Full-time
Individuals who are eligible or possess Teacher of K-6 certification and who meet the "highly qualified" requirements for elementary teachers are encouraged to apply. Applicants must also be eligible...
Language(s): Chinese/Mandarin
Posted: 1 mes 1 semana ago Expires in: 1 día 15 horas
Delaware, Dover

Blog de Dual Language School

Dual Language Teacher of the Mont Krishna Borja Cruz helping a student
6 Min. para Leer

Dual Language Teacher of the Month – Krishna Borja Cruz

I have been given the great opportunity to teach a Dual Immersion 4th/5th grade class. We follow the 90/10 model and at these grade levels, students learn...

Dual Language Teacher of the Month – Chris Bessonette and students
6 Min. para Leer

Dual Language Teacher of the Month – Chris Bessonette

An exciting way to challenge one's self is to continue learning and getting feedback on current work as well as reflecting on how c

Rosa Denson's 1st graders in a cooperative project.
5 Min. para Leer

Dual Language Teacher of the Month – Rosa Denson

Our hope of celebrating dual language teachers for their commitment to bilingual, biliterate and multicultural education came from the realization that more...

The Dual Language Schools guide to Start a Successful Dual Language Immersion Program

The Dual Language Schools guide to Start a Successful Dual Language Immersion Program™

We are the team and our goal for the “Dual Language School Guide to Start a Successful Dual Language Immersion Program” is to help...

2. Deciding on the Program Model and Program Visits

When deciding on the program model to use for a dual language program, it is important to consider the outcomes that have been identified through the work of...

3. Current Research on Dual Language Education Programs

There is a growing corpus of research on dual language programs. Becoming knowledgeable of the seminal studies will be important for district and site...

4. Professional Development

Provide professional development for the Leadership Team on the various dual language education program models before making the decision regarding which...

6. Initial Dual Language Program Implementation

Establish the chosen dual language education program based on recommended percentages of linguistic groups, adhering to all state and federal guidelines/...