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Dual Language Teacher of the Month


By Dual Language School Team
Marzo 08, 2017
10 Min. Read

As dual language immersion spreads across the country, so too have the sources of our nominations for the Dual Language Teacher of the Month Award. This is a true reflection of the growth in opportunities for educators seeking to help students grow in dual language immersion programs.

We are honored to recognize Jen Temple of Bear Creek Elementary School in Bend, Oregon as the Dual Language Teacher of the Month for March 2017. She was nominated by Kinsey Martin, the Dual Immersion...

Embedded thumbnail for Dual Language Teacher of the Month – Laura Reyes
By Dual Language School Team
Febrero 06, 2017
5 Min. Read

There is a tremendous responsibility dual language teachers have regarding the acknowledgment of cultural contributions through language and the arts of diverse communities. Of course, rich supplies of sources are endless but magic in the classroom stems from the roots of curiosity and innovation planted by educators. For this reason, is proud to announce 5th/6th grade Dual Language Teacher Laura Reyes of Baldwin Park’s Margaret Heath Elementary School as the...

Dual language teacher of the month - Angela Palmieri with her class
By Dual Language School Team
Enero 13, 2017
5 Min. Read

When first stumbled upon Dual Language Immersion Teacher Angela Palmieri, it was at the 2016 La Cosecha Dual Language Conference in New Mexico. She was presenting her Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching research on the integration of cultural pedagogical practices in Spanish dual language immersion programs based on Maori-medium cultural pedagogical practices in Aotearoa/New Zealand, which continues fueling her passion for dual language immersion...