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Christian, Elementary teacher @ Charleston Bilingual Academy

State & City: 
South Carolina
Job Type: 

CBA teachers are fluent in Spanish at a native level, love Jesus and children. They create a dynamic learning
environment through lesson planning geared to engage and develop preschool students linguistically,
cognitively, physically, emotionally, socially, and culturally, founding every lesson on biblical truths. They are
talkative, energetic, and great story tellers. Additionally, teachers actively pursue parents to involve them in their
child's education.


-Love (Love Jesus, parents, children, aid, colleagues, administration). Learn children’s love language, and love them so that they receive it (on their level).

-Speak 100% in target language and effectively explains new concepts through target language and context (without translating)

-Ensure the aid (if applicable) is effectively assuming her responsibilities.

-Set up stations for kids to engage with upon arrival.

-Work with the parents and child (and director if needed) for any situations where the child does not want to come enter/stay in class.

-Plan and deliver engaging, language-rich, standards-based, dynamic lessons that cover  Biblical Questions, science, art, sensory, diversity, small and large motor skills, language arts, dramatic play and problem-solving.

-Constantly supervise and interact with students or setting up the classroom to encourage exploration, thinking, collaboration (Teachers should never be passive when students are in the room).

-Strategically keep all students on task and discipline appropriately (e.g. If one student’s behavior needs to be addressed, the teacher will first ensure students are actively participating and then take the one child aside, speak with them, and if needed have them sit in time out.)

-Constantly assess students according to the evaluation rubric and maintain notes and samples of work (or pictures of samples) in a portfolio for each child (include the date and title on the work)

-Keep a record of attendance and communicate to parents when a child has missed more than 1 consecutive day

-Read story(ies) to students every day

-Pursue positive relationships with parents.  

-At the end of each class day, the teacher should initiate conversation with parents,

informing them of their child’s progress during the day (linguistic, cognitive, physical,

emotional, social, cultural, and spiritual development).

-Teachers should email parents monthly to inform them of the theme and how to reinforce the objectives at home.

-According to the school calendar, teachers will set up conferences once a year with the parent(s) to explain progress according to the evaluation tool.  

-Arrive at least 20 minutes early and stay until their students have departed.

-Responsible for leaving the room organized, swept, and thoroughly spraying disinfectant Lysol on the toys, tables,  and door handles- leaving chairs on tables.

-Anticipates supply needs and requests new orders with sufficient time to restock the items before the classroom runs out.

-Ensure at least 2 teachers are supervising when students are on the playground

-Never leave a child alone, act in anger, or be alone with a child in an unsupervised/monitored area, or use your cellphone/computer when you are supervising children (unless directed by administration)

-Only communicate concerns/frustration personally to the correct person, and never communicate frustration via email or text

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Citizenship, residency or work VISA required