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10 Important Leadership Tips for Dual Language Teachers

Teacher Leading Student To Success

10 Important Leadership Tips for Dual Language Teachers

3 Min.

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1. Aim High

Ambition is a virtue found in all successful people. You have to set high targets both for yourself and for your students. For instance, dual language teachers can set a goal to increase the number of hours they spend giving extra lessons to students who are more familiar with the partner language. If you raise your expectations for your students, it may inspire them to work harder.

2. Motivate the Disadvantaged

A society can only be as strong as its weakest link. Different students come from different backgrounds in terms of race, class, or religion, especially in Dual Language Schools. Some students may be disadvantaged in some way in comparison to the others. For instance in dual immersion schools, there may be a significant amount of ESLs, who may not know how to speak a word of English at first. The teacher's duty as the leader is to encourage the disadvantaged children and give them the confidence needed to improve their performance.

3. Professional Development

We live in a very dynamic world. As technology advances, humanity continues to replace old things with new and better things. The education system has not been left behind. To keep up with modern trends, teachers need to continually seek professional development so that they can build on their skills and become better teachers. Utilize the Dual Language Schools Guide to Start a Successful Dual Immersion Program, and our Job Board to post jobs/ find jobs to find qualified teachers and positions!

4. Assessment of Students

A good teacher has to be able to evaluate her students and identify the ones that need more help. There are many student assessment methods, the main one being exams. However, there are other methods teachers can use to track their students' progress and put in place intervention measures if need be. Be creative with your Dual Language technique!

Continue reading to find more tips to utilize in your classroom..

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