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7 Tips to Develop Leadership in Your Dual Language Students

7 Tips to Develop Leadership in Your Dual Language Students

7 Tips to Develop Leadership in Your Dual Language Students

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Every Dual Language student, despite their age, gender, race or any form of orientation has the potential to be a great leader. While it's true that some students may exhibit more traits associated with good leadership, the truth is any student's leadership ability can be groomed and nurtured. There is no better place to start grooming and nurturing a student's leadership skills than Dual Language school. Dual Language Teachers bear a great responsibility of building the leadership skills of their students.

The following are 7 tips to bring out leadership qualities in your Dual Language students:

7 Tips to Develop Leadership in Your Dual Language Students

1. Be the kind of leader you want your Dual Language students to become

Naturally, your students will tend to follow the precedent that you set. Therefore, the most effective way to instill leadership qualities in your students is to do things in the manner that you would like them to do. Be a good example. Show them what it means to be a passionate, bilingual, courageous, emotionally intelligence, flexible, and adaptable leader in the classroom. Let your students experience the good feeling of making a meaningful impact on another person's life. Be passionate about bilingualism, and show them how this has benefited your life, this will allow your students to see what they can do with the power of being bilingual, too.

2. Put them in charge

Ensure your Dual Immersion students are involved in various leadership opportunities in the classroom. It can anything from steering a group discussion, handing out materials, to introducing a lesson. Make such opportunities part of classroom procedures. Activities involving student leadership in the classroom help students most when teachers compliment their abilities. If one student is more proficient in the target language than their peers, this will help motivate them and want to reach the same level as their peer.

3. Encourage your Dual Language students to get involved in extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities play an important role in building the characteristics of a leader. These activities will give your students opportunities to run meetings and plan their own projects. Allow them to do this in a bilingual fashion, so that they can see the benefits of being bilingual early on. An ideal way to go about this is to start small clubs for various specialties which the students can join and run their affairs. Such small groups often attract children with leadership skills. Get the parents involved too, use family engagement to allow students have the target language involved in all facets of their life, school, extra curriculars, and home. Parents can help run the extracurriculars, and then have an integral part in their child's education, too.

4.Emphasize on the importance of social interaction.

Every Dual Language student in your class is endowed differently, so it's essential that you create an environment which supports student interaction. Social interaction goes a long way to ensure kids learn to get along with their peers and to cooperate across differences. Especially for ELLs, who may have just come to the country and have not found their personalized community yet.

7 Tips to Develop Leadership in Your Dual Language Students

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