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7 Tips on Creating Curriculum

7 Tips on Creating Curriculum

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Dual language programs have been gaining momentum across schools countrywide and it’s with good reason. It’s not hard to notice the benefits of these programs to students. The metacognitive flexibility of bilingual students is always much better than that of monolingual students. We all know the many proven benefits through research that being bilingual has more advantages than being monolingual. Currently, many programs are in English and Spanish.

One way to create the prevalence of more languages in dual language programs is by learning how to create your own curriculum. By creating curriculum, you are satisfying the needs of your students, and opening up the possibility of creating more dual language programs and allowing others to profit off of your great ideas.

Having a good curriculum is vital in ensuring that all students can learn effectively and with interest. With a good curriculum, both native English-speaking students and English Language Learner (ELL) students will have equal learning opportunities. Here are some tips that you can use to create an effective curriculum!

1. Develop Your Objectives

Every learning activity has its' objectives. Objectives are simply what you would like your students to learn at the end of the learning session. As a teacher, you should develop clear objectives for every learning session. The objectives should be easily achievable, beneficial to the students, and purposeful, ,especially if you are dealing with young learners.

2. Identify Your Resources

Once you have your objectives set, go ahead and identify which resources are around you. These are the resources that can help you achieve your objectives. This can be anything, from crafts, to house-hold objects, to toys, whatever supports the curriculum that you are teaching. Use your imagination and think outside the box- this will help support the imaginations of your students!

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