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5.5 Cultivate Community Support For Your Dual Language Program


Capture Essence of Dual Language Education Program Goals

  • Create program rationale, vision, mission statements
    • With the Leadership Team, craft a rationale, vision, and mission statement for all the students in the program, drawing upon the dual language education research and connecting to the district’s vision and mission statement. This will communicate the expected benefits/results for all students in the program to the community.

Create Informational Materials on Program to Disseminate in the Community

The purpose of the informational materials will be two-fold: to garner community support as well as for program recruitment. All informational materials should be available in English and the target language. There are many ways to disseminate program information:

  • Brochure
    • A colorful, informative brochure is a great way to spread the word about the program. It should include:
      • The program rationale, vision, and mission statement, along with the school site(s) where the dual language education program will be located.
      • Date, time, location of any informational sessions for the program
      • Enrollment information and deadlines
      • Other areas to consider highlighting include:
        • Benefits to students in the program (short- and long-term)
        • Commitment needed from parents and students
        • District and site commitment to parents and students
    • Have printed copies available at the district office, the school site, and at community locations where parents and their children who may be interested in the program frequent.
    • Have an electronic copy of the brochure available on the district and site website.
  • District, school website & Duallanguageschools.org
    • Information regarding the dual language education program should be easily accessed by the community from on the home page for the district and school site websites.
    • Promote your new dual language program through Duallanguageschools.org to make it easy for parents in your community to find your program.
  • Posters
    • Include information in the brochure to post in the community for awareness and recruitment (include date/time/location for upcoming parent information meetings).

Share Program Information at Community Meetings

  • Facilitate meetings for parents who may be interested in enrolling their children in the dual language education program.
    • Invite district and site administrators from established, successful dual language education programs to share with parents about their experiences.
    • Also consider inviting parents and their children from established, successful dual language education programs to share with parents.
  • Hold separate meetings for parents from target language community and for parents from English-only community.
    • This allows the parents to feel that their language is fully valued, rather than it being subordinate to the language of the presentation.
  • Share program information with parents
    • Rationale, vision, mission statements
    • Benefits for all students in program
  • Share enrollment information with parents
    • Requirements
    • Deadlines
    • Inter-district and intra-district policies
    • Board-approved enrollment priorities
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