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The Dual Language Schools guide to Start a Successful Dual Language Immersion Program™

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We are the DualLanguageSchools.org team and our goal for the “Dual Language School Guide to Start a Successful Dual Language Immersion Program” is to help you start your own dual language program and to help you understand the process and steps it takes to make your program successful.

We've organized this guide into these three main sections:

  1. Planning
  2. Implementation
  3. Monitoring for Success and Sustainability

How to get the most out of this guide:

  1. Weekly Chapters: In the next 16+ weeks, you will receive a new chapter in your inbox. We estimate you will spend on an average of 20 minutes per week reading each chapter.
  2. Join the Discussion: At the end of every chapter, there will be a few question for discussion. We encourage you to join the discussion or post new questions to start a new discussion. We believe sharing experiences is the best way to learn. We will give out random prizes for people who participate in any of the weekly discussions.

Table of Contents

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