Dual Language Schools2nd Grade Dual Language Teacher

Heronville Elementary, Oklahoma City Public Schools


Teaches any combination of reading, language arts, social studies, mathematics, science, art, health, physical education, and music to pupils in a classroom, using the course of study adopted by the Oklahoma State Department of Education and Oklahoma Citys Board of Education and any other appropriate learning activities.
Instruct pupils in citizenship and basic subject matter specified in state law and administrative regulations and procedures of the school district.
Develops lesson plans and instructional materials and provides individualized and small group instruction in order to adapt the curriculum to the needs of each pupil with the identified objectives.
Translates lesson plans into learning experiences so as to best utilize the available time for instruction.
Utilizes grading patterns that are fairly administered and based on identified criteria.
Establishes and maintains standards of pupil behavior needed to achieve a functional learning atmosphere in the classroom. Treat pupils with respect and dignity.
Evaluates pupils academic and social growth, keeps appropriate records, and prepares progress reports.
Communicates with parents through conferences and other means to discuss pupils progress and interpret the school program.
Interacts with pupils, staff and parents in a positive and professional manner.
Identifies pupil needs and cooperates with other professional staff members in assessing and helping pupils solve health, attitude, and learning problems.
Establish rapport with pupils and provides a pleasant, safe, and orderly climate conducive to learning.
Actively participate in full implementation of the OKCPS model for School Improvement.
Maintains professional competence through in-service education activities provided by the district and self-selected professional growth activities.
Supervise and monitor students during out-of-classroom activities during the assigned working day which may include but not limited to (cafeteria duty, field trips, playground duty, hallway monitor, etc.)