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Chinese Immersion Teacher 4th grade

State & City: 
ArizonaCave Creek
Job Type: 
  • Work with a team English side teacher
  • Deliver academic content in Mandarin
  • Maintain target language usage with students
  • Develop Mandarin language skills in students
  • Plans and implements the district approved program of study that, as much as possible, meets the individual needs, interests and abilities of students within the district curriculum.
  • Uses effective teaching techniques and materials to implement established curriculum goals and objectives and to use techniques and materials that motivate the desire to learn.
  • Prepares a weekly written lesson plan describing daily learning experiences. This weekly lesson plan is to be correlated with the aims and/or objectives in the curriculum guide and/or course outline.
  • Monitors and assesses student progress and communicates the same on a regular basis to students and their parents.
  • Diagnoses, instructs and evaluates specific student needs and seeks assistance of district specialist as required.
  • Communicates aims and/or objectives to students in a well-planned, organized manner using clear and precise language.
Number of Positions: 
Degree Preferred: 
Bachelor's degree
Grade Level(s): 
Work Eligibility: 
Not required to apply