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Chinese Immersion Teacher - Elementary

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Individuals who are eligible or possess Teacher of K-6 certification and who meet the "highly qualified" requirements for elementary teachers are encouraged to apply. Applicants must also be eligible to be certified in Chinese World Language or Bilingual Chinese. All candidates must apply on-line. If you are interested in this position but have not yet met all of the requirements, list your license as “pending.” Preference is given to teachers who meet ALL of the requirements for this position.


Applicant must meet State of Delaware certification requirements for Teacher of Primary K-6 and Teacher of Chinese. Successful candidates must provide evidence of successful PRAXIS CORE and PRAXIS II scores (PRAXIS II: Elementary test #5001, Chinese test # 5665). The State of Delaware will recognize Standard certificates from all other states as a means of eligibility. (Maryland graduates do not receive Standard certificates; therefore, must meet all DE testing requirements or exemption testing). In addition, see https://deeds/doe.k12.de.usPUBLIC RESOURCES: Holders of Non-U.S. Credentials if your Bachelor’s (or Master’s degree) is not from a U.S. University. Bachelor’s degrees from a foreign university must be translated for equivalency before being accepted by the Delaware Department of Education. 

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Bachelor's degree
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Citizenship, residency or work VISA required