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Dual Language Program Coordinator

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The Dual Language Program Coordinator (English/Spanish) is responsible for aligning and coordinating dual language programs in ACPS, proving leadership and expertise on dual language education practices, providing professional development and coaching to administrators and teachers, and collaborating with a variety of stakeholders. The Dual Language Program Coordinator will report to the ELL Director. S/he will have a high level of knowledge about research-based instructional strategies, second language acquisition, Spanish language arts standards, curriculum and assessment, and experience with modeling, coaching, and providing professional development in the area of dual language education. The Program Coordinator will have excellent oral and written skills, be capable of managing multiple tasks, and work well with diverse groups of people. S/he will be bilingual and bi-literate in English and Spanish.

The candidate for this position will:

  • Ensure division-wide alignment of dual language programs, grades K-12.
  • Research national trends, guiding principles and best practices in dual language program development, implementation and evaluation, and communicate information to central office personnel, principals, teachers, students, parents and community members.
  • Provide leadership in identification, design, dissemination, implementation, and evaluation of promising and best practices in dual language programs.
  • Develop grade level expectations for achievement in Spanish and English.
  • Collaborate with teachers in the development of curricula and assessments aligned with Spanish language arts standards.
  • Coordinate the inventory, ordering and maintenance of instructional materials in Spanish.
  • Develop a division Dual Language Program Guide.
  • Assist with the recruitment and retention of bilingual, bi-literate teachers.
  • Lead and facilitate professional learning focused on dual language instruction.
  • Provide instructional coaching and modeling to administrators and teachers to support the development of high quality instructional pedagogy.
  • Provide feedback on unit plans, lesson plans, and formative assessments that align with the ACPS and Spanish language arts curriculum.
  • Promote the use of emerging technologies to enhance teacher content knowledge and pedagogy for a diverse student population.
  • Coordinate sharing among teachers of best practices in dual language instruction, within and across schools.
  • Analyze student achievement data to inform decision-making.
  • Monitor dual language program compliance and ensuring compliance with federal and state program requirements.

Perform other duties as required.

Number of Positions: 
Experience Preferred: 
3 years
Degree Preferred: 
Master's degree
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Citizenship, residency or work VISA required