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International Charter School of Atlanta - Dual Language Immersion Elementary Teacher (French, German, Mandarin, or Spanish) 2017-2018 school year

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The International Charter School of Atlanta (ICSAtlanta) seeks qualified and passionate educators to teach students in grades K-5. As a school that embraces international discovery and cultural competency, the ideal teacher will actively develop a multicultural learning environment and have a passion for language immersion education. The curriculum at ICSAtlanta is based on current Georgia education standards with each student receiving instruction in English (L1) and one additional target language known as L2. The target languages (L2) at ICSAtlanta are Spanish, Mandarin (simplified), French and German. As a result, teachers work collaboratively in teams of two to ensure that students learn all required standards. A student’s expose to each language will vary based on grade level. For example, students studying Mandarin at the Kindergarten and 1st grade level, they will receive 80% of classroom instruction time in Mandarin and 20% in English.

Classroom TeacherLanguage: Chinese
Classroom TeacherLanguage: French
Classroom TeacherLanguage: German
Classroom TeacherLanguage: Spanish
  • Teaches content and skills in all subject areas in the language hired to teach utilizing the ICSAtlanta curriculum which is based on current Georgia education standards
  • Works as part of a 2 teacher team to create lesson plans, teach students, evaluate student progress and create action plans for students who need extra attention in specific areas of study
  • Evaluates academic and social growth of students, analyzes data, prepares report cards
  • Willingness to continue developing and honing pedagogical strategies and classroom management techniques to increase student achievement
  • If hired as an L2 teacher, have the ability to teach curriculum in Mandarin, Spanish, French or German 100% of classroom time without converting to English
  • Develops standards based lessons, units and assessments that focuses on teaching the school curriculum and assisting in language acquisition of the target language
  • Keeps accurate records including attendance reports, student grades, etc.
  • Participates in staff meetings and professional development opportunities
  • Develops a multi-cultural learning environment for all students that emphasizes a respect for diversity
  • Facilitates ongoing parent/guardian communications and conferences to discuss student progress
  • Shares best practices with other teachers and collaborates with them to improve instructional and assessment practices
  • Establishes a classroom culture of high expectations and that engages all students
  • Must be flexible and willing to help in different roles at the school to meet various school needs
  • Collaborates with key stakeholders as necessary to ensure purposeful implementation of the school’s academic model and provide student enrichment opportunities that enhance academic achievement and cultural competency

 Minimum Bachelor’s Degree: degree in the field of education preferred
 Currently holds or willing to gain certification for Early Childhood Education in the State of Georgia
 English fluency or fluency in a target language at a near native level as proven through a formal assessment
 Must support the school’s mission, philosophies and goals
 Experience with elementary aged students
 Excellent organizational, planning and implementation skills
 Proven ability to demonstrate effective communication, professional standards and ethical behavior
 Ability to work effectively with school administration and school colleagues to ensure school culture and student achievement
 Must pass a criminal background check and fingerprinting

$38,000 - $40,000

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Experience Preferred: 
2 years
Degree Preferred: 
Bachelor's degree
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Citizenship, residency or work VISA required