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International School of Beijing - Dual Language Program Coordinator

Job Type: 

Part of the International School of Beijing's mission is to provide an “academically rigorous, balanced, and engaging learning environment enriched by being in China” where each student’s unique potential is developed. We began our Chinese-English dual language program last school year, in PreK 3 and 4, expanded to Grade 1 this year and will go up a grade level each year till we reach Grade 5 in the year 2022. We are seeking a dynamic and experienced educator who will lead the Dual Language Program in line with the ISB strategic plan, and sustain a culture conducive to continuous improvement across the school.


Leadership Functions:

  1. Provides leadership for ISB’s dual language teachers in collaboration with Elementary School leadership and Office of Learning.
  2. Seeks and promotes innovations in delivery of instruction and brings knowledge of effective materials, methods, and strategies that encourage successful learning for dual language students.
  3. Collaborates with teachers to promote instructional consistency and shared direction.
  4. Uses assessment and data to shape and monitor the effectiveness of the Dual Language (DL) program and maintain alignment with vision and curriculum.
  5. Explains and promotes the DL program to the community, including giving workshops to educate and engage.
  6. Serves as a source of specialized information on theory and practice in language acquisition, literacy and dual immersion education and learning for teachers and the community.
  7. Collaborates with the Director of Chinese to support Chinese Language development in the DL program. 
  8. Regularly meets with ES principal to ensure articulation, common purpose and program development of Dual Language.
  9. Collaborates with the ES Principal to standardize policies and procedures across the DL program and monitor their implementation.
  10. Applies skills in cultural competence and organizes activities to reinforce the cross-cultural goals of the program.


Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

  • Supports the implementation of the Dual Language program and successive/corresponding program offerings across other grade levels in conjunction with divisional leadership
  • Coordinates efforts with the Office of Learning and the Director of Chinese to ensure articulation of program design and curriculum in partner languages that foster success for students with differing learning styles, abilities and interests
  • Promotes instructional strategies that lead to real language proficiency in culturally authentic situations
  • Manages meetings with the DL teachers in order to have the maximum impact on student learning
  • Systematically and continuously monitors instructional processes to ensure that language class activities are related to desired program outcomes (includes regular classroom visits)
  • Works with staff to ensure that curriculum accountability and revision are continuous and responsive to student needs
  • Ensures that teachers understand how to interpret and use data from partner language assessments for instructional and program planning
  • Gathers and compiles assessment and other data for use in program improvement
  • Works collaboratively with teachers and the Office of Learning to enhance processes of assessment and monitoring of student information to improve instruction
  • Confers with parents, teachers, students, and/or administrators to interpret assessment data, instructional procedures, and student progress
  • Coordinates efforts with the librarians and the Office of Learning to ensure up-to-date instructional materials and resources in the partner languages


Teacher Growth

  • Ensures that DL teachers and support staff have a clear understanding of performance expectations and assure quality instruction in the classroom
  • Participates in the goal-setting of DL teachers in collaboration with the ES Principal
  • Collaborates with instructional coaches and other teacher leaders, as appropriate, to observe and coach DL teachers in specific areas relevant to their individual professional learning needs and goals


Professional Learning

  • Organizes ongoing professional learning activities for all staff on ISB’s DL model and the foundations of dual language education, coach DL program teachers and mentor new staff
  • Seeks professional learning opportunities that support the work of DL teachers in meeting student needs
  • Serves as an instructional leader role model and stays up-to-date on current research and best practices in language acquisition, literacy, and cultural competency
  • Participates, as appropriate, in teacher recruitment, hiring, placement, and intervention
  • Works with new faculty to achieve a smooth and successful transition


Information, communication and advocacy

  • Articulates the DL program goals and objectives to the community
  • Leads parent workshops and supports parent understanding of the DL program
  • Gathers information/data from parents, students and staff as needed
  • Ensures that program communications are up-to-date and provided in partner languages
  • Serves as a resource on dual language education


Other Duties

  • Performs other related duties and assumes other responsibilities as assigned by the Elementary School Principal



Position Qualifications:

  • A degree in Education or related to language acquisition and a valid teaching certification
  • Fluency in English and Chinese
  • Significant teaching and/or leadership experience in the area of language education and ability to speak with confidence and authority on language acquisition, literacy and cultural competence
  • Experience in a dual language or immersion program
  • Demonstrated success in a multi-cultural school environment which has included other language learners
  • Experience in leading groups and implementing curricular initiatives within a Professional Learning Community
  • Experience in development of curricular initiatives, including familiarity with Understanding by Design, inquiry and readers/writers workshop model
  • Strong ICT skills, with evidence of technology infusion in classroom practices
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Excellent analytical, decision-making, and planning skills
  • Superior facilitation and organizational ability
  • Results-oriented, with demonstrated skills in using data to inform and improve student learning
  • Willingness to seek constant professional learning and professional growth as a committed life-long learner
Number of Positions: 
Experience Preferred: 
5 years
Degree Preferred: 
Bachelor's degree
Grade Level(s): 
Work Eligibility: 
Citizenship, residency or work VISA required