Dual Language SchoolsPrincipal-Thomas Edison Language Institute

San Juan Unified School Dsitrict


POSITION TITLE: Principal - Elementary School K-6, K-8 DEFINITION:
Functions as chief executive and educational leader of an elementary school; responsible for its programs, personnel, facilities, and all other related activities as assigned.
DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE TO: Director - Elementary Schools
Teachers, clerical, part-time and volunteer personnel, and on-site supervision over custodians, cafeteria personnel and bus drivers.
DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: (Responsibilities will include, but not be limited to):
1. School Climate: The climate of the school is reflected in student, staff, community attitudes and behavior. The school principal is responsible for the establishment of a positive, cooperative school climate. Specific functions include: establishment of the school philosophy, goals and objectives, with input from staff and parents, revised periodically for relevance to current school/community needs; supervision and support of student government activities; establishment of student discipline; supervision of facilities and grounds to insure safety of students and staff; sensitivity and responsiveness to individual student/parent/staff problems; follow-up on staff, parent,
student concerns; recognition of staff and student accomplishments.
2. Community Relationships: The relationship of the school to the community is a critical factor in the development of a sound educational program. The school principal has the prime responsibility for establishing that relationship. Specific functions include: support of, and attendance at community special services clubs; organization of, and attendance
at parent clubs/PTA meetings, and back-to-school and open house events.
3. Communication: An effective communication system (oral/written) is essential to the success of the school program and student progress. The school principal is responsible for developing and maintaining an effective communication system: Specific functions include: