Dual Language SchoolsProfessional Development Coordinator (Secondary, Spanish Lit. focus)

Dual Language Education of New Mexico (DLeNM)


Through collaboration with DLeNM Staff and contractors, organize and facilitate program and professional development for Schools (K-12 w/secondary focus). The applicant will be responsible for:
1. Teaching and/or supporting Spanish Literacy development at the secondary level
2. Biliteracy development & assessment understanding and articulating the difference between biliteracy development and literacy development in two languages
3. Planning and modeling of effective language/literacy development through content in the developmental bilingual and/or dual language classroom context. Note: Able to model instruction in Spanish, as well as English is preferred
4. Consulting on program design components; participating in program self-evaluation through activities and institutes like DLeNMs El Enriquecer & La Siembra Retreats
5. Holding teachers accountable for the effective use of language immersion and/or dual language instructional strategies
in the classroom
6. Knowledge and use of effective Spanish Language Arts curricular resources

Related Qualifications
- Self-monitoring, a decision maker
- Able to coach and guide site administrators in decision making around issues of DLE program and instruction
- Current on related educational practices that directly and indirectly impact dual language education program implementation, including instruction, such as 1) Literacy Squared 2) Biliteracy development 3) Educational leadership 4) Translanguaging 5) Assessments in Native language(s) 6) Essential dual language principles and relevant research
- Must be a certified (or willing to be certificated) in Project GLAD, CLAVES(TM), AIM4S3(TM) etc.
(See posting for full description)