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List of Dual Language Schools in Los Angeles

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745 S Wilton Pl, Los Angeles, CA, 90005
Dual Language Program:
Korean, Spanish
(213) 389-1181
1277 S. Clela Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90022
Dual Language Program:
(323) 268-0477

The Dual Language Schools guide to Start a Successful Dual Language Immersion Program

The Dual Language Schools guide to Start a Successful Dual Language Immersion Program™

We are the DualLanguageSchools.org team and our goal for the “Dual Language School Guide to Start a Successful Dual Language Immersion Program” is to help...

6. Initial Dual Language Program Implementation

Establish the chosen dual language education program based on recommended percentages of linguistic groups, adhering to all state and federal guidelines/...

8. Fostering a Positive, Multilingual, and Multicultural School Environment

Signal to the school and community that target culture and language are as important as the mainstream culture and English at the school site.

9. Engaging Parents and Community

Have parents and community members be informed and supportive of the dual language education program, and to see it and communicate it to their peers as a...

10. English Language Development (ELD) and Academic Language Development (ALD) in a Dual Language Program

Provide English Language Development (ELD) for the English Learners and Academic Language Development (ALD) for the English-only students in the dual language...