Dual Language Schools

About Us

DualLangaugeSchools.org traces its roots from the Seal of Biliteracy movement. After California passed the Seal of Biliteracy legislation in 2011, there was a need to inform parents and community on the benefits of dual language education. DualLanguageSchools.org was formed to support the movement.

With the encouragement from California Association of Bilingual Education, DualLanguageSchools.org created the School Directory for California dual immersion programs. The directory is in English and Spanish. Parents can use their cell phone to locate neighborhood dual language programs and communicate with school directly. We also published “The Dual Language Schools Guide to Start a Successful Dual Language Immersion Program” to help schools start its program.

After California passed the proposition 58 in 2017, DualLanguageSchools.org moved its focus to support the dual language school movement nationwide. We continue our mission by creating a community for dual language school leaders, educators, advocates and parents to help students achieve biliteracy through dual language immersion.

Our Mission


Encourage the establishment of more dual language schools and programs to educate our students.

Help parents choose and connect with the right dual language programs for their children.

Facilitate the communication between dual language schools, parents and the community.