Nominate a teacher who inspires you for the 2019 Dual Language Teacher of the Month Award

Deadline : 12/24/2018

Two years ago, wanting to honor the many teachers who dedicate their lives to students, created the Dual Language Teacher of the Month award. Since then, teachers from all over the country have been nominated for their innovative teaching strategies, passion for their students, and a strong belief in the value of biliteracy.

How is the "Teacher of the Month" chosen?

Due to the volume of nominations we receive, the Dual Language Teacher of the Month panel was formed. The panel is compromised of co- founders of the John Muir Dual Language Program in Glendale, CA, Mary Lou Escobar and Angela Palmieri, Mishelle Jurado, Dual Language Teacher at Albuquerque Public Schools and Board Member of Dual Langauge Education of New Mexico, Clara Galindo of Phelan Dual Language Academy in Whittier, CA. We receive many nominations, and the dual language teacher of the month panel reviews all of them and makes their selections by reviewing the following criteria:

  • Bilingual classroom teacher
  • Immense contributions to bilingual education
  • A philosophy that reflects a dedication to cultural awareness
  • Dedication to students and students' achievement
  • Promotion of bilingual education proven practices
  • A clear understanding and dedication to bilingual education
  • Innovative classroom techniques
  • Must be a DLS member

With this criteria, the panel reviews the nominations and selects the dual language teachers to be honored. Although many teachers are deserving of this honor, the panel selects the teachers who inspire them and motivate them in their field, given their background and knowledge of dual language themselves.

Why should you nominate?

It is important to nominate dual language teachers to honor the teachers who make a difference in the future of a bilingual America. Not only are these teachers changing their students lives, but they are showing the importance of being bilingual by helping students to be more accepting, culturally aware, and setting them up with vast lifetime opportunities. Furthermore, by honoring teachers, we inspire younger generations to become teachers, and help the biliteracy movement to grow. #DualLanguageRocks

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