Resources to Help Parents Make the Most of a Pandemic Education

By Jenna Sherman

Millions of children have gone back to school. Well, many have not actually made it back into the classroom but they may still be learning online. While online learning can be much safer with COVID-19 still a serious threat, there are so many elements of the classroom that can’t be replicated at home. Therefore if your kids are learning at home this year, you may want to use these resources to supplement and support their development:


Finding Help for Learning Challenges

As a parent, you may not be able to provide all of the support your child needs to learn and thrive. So consider taking these steps:



Keeping Children Active In-Between Lessons

With no PE or recess, your children may find it difficult to sit still and pay attention to online classes. Help them burn off that energy with these activity ideas:



Helping Children Learn During After-School Hours

Keeping your children learning while they are having fun outside of school is another effective way to boost their online education. So try planning one of these learning activities:



Alternative learning arrangements can be tough on kids, but it can also be challenging for parents. If you need to reach out for support, be sure to do so! Also know that supplementing your child’s education is a great way to keep your little one engaged and having fun. Then you can focus your attention on work or any other responsibilities.

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