Resources You Can Use to Supplement Your Child’s Education

By Eric Kelly

Fall 2020 is ushering in a school year like none before it. All across the country, children are adjusting to full or part-time virtual schooling. Although this keeps our little ones safe from catching and spreading COVID-19, it may not be the easiest transition. Remote learning can be great for some kids, and a major challenge for others.


If you’re worried that your little one isn’t connecting with their classes as well at home, consider finding ways to supplement their education. Dual Language Schools offers a ton of resources for parents who want to ensure their kids get the most out of their education. Here are some ideas to get you started:



Learning through play is a great tool for all ages.




Hands-on activities help kids conceptualize difficult concepts.


  • This outdoor experiment is a fun (and messy) way to teach your child about stomach acid and digestion.
  • Looking for a yummy experiment? Teach your child about crystallization with this rock candy DIY.
  • Building a bridge with popsicle sticks helps your child develop spatial reasoning.



It’s a big world out there – your child can learn a lot from it.


  • Go on a hike as a family and try to identify trees, birds, or parts of plants as you go.
  • Visit a nearby historical site and learn about its significance together.
  • Want something your kids can do in your own backyard? Give your child a magnifying glass and have them take notes about what they find!


Remember, the more you can get your child involved in their own education, the better results you’ll have. Meet them on their level and choose activities and experiences that coordinate with their class materials. Soon, you’ll help your little one figure out how to learn from home like a pro!


Photo Credit: Unsplash

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