Shawn Slakk

CEO and Founder of ABCDSS Consulting Consortium

Photo: Shawn Slakk
Shawn Slakk is the CEO and Founder of ABCDSS Consulting Consortium and works with teachers, administrators, school & state agencies to offer strategies and supports for emergent bilinguals and their classmates both K-12 and adults. He is an author, developer and presenter of professional development sessions centered on academic language, literacy and content integration for core-content teachers teaching additional language learners, plus sessions for the coaches and administrators who support them. Shawn is the former coordinator of Rethinking Equity and Teaching for English Language Learners (RETELL) for the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. As a former Certified WIDA Trainer and Title III SIOP Coach, Shawn brings a wide understanding of a variety of strategies and how they relate to language and literacy acquisition as well as lesson delivery. He has served as a Spanish and ESL teacher, elementary and middle school administrator. His BA is a double major in English and Spanish. He earned an MA in English: TESOL and a second one in School Administration. His doctoral work in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Virginia focuses on reading and writing content and literacy development for emergent bilinguals. Shawn has presented at NABE and TESOL. He is the coauthor of Integrando lenguaje, lectura, ecritura y contenidos en español e inglés | Integrating Language, Reading, Writing, and Content in English and Spanish.