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Dual Language: A Call to Action

Dual Language: A Call to Action

3 Min.

By: Dr. José Medina, Founder and Chief Educational Advocate



Dr. José Medina: Educational Solutions


Estamos en un punto crítico en la historia de nuestro país. A diario, vemos casos de odio y violencia dirigida hacia aquellos que son de países latinoamericanos y/o hablan español. Para los millones de estudiantes y familias hispanas que se sirven en nuestras escuelas, este sentimiento de constante ataque debe ser extremadamente difícil. Como educador de lenguaje dual, ¿qué está haciendo para desafiar esta mentalidad sustractiva?



If you are upset that I have chosen to begin this article in Spanish, what does that say about you as a dual language educator?


Breathe, once again.

Don't worry.

I am about to offer a translation of the introduction for you.


Again, if the immediate reaction to encountering the introduction in Spanish was one of frustration, what type of reflection on your part must take place?

Hold on.

Breathe, once more.

We must do this together.

Together, we can accomplish anything.

Accomplish anything together






We are at a critical point in the history of our country. Daily, we see cases where hatred and violence are directly targeted towards those from Latin American countries and/or who speak Spanish. For the millions of Hispanic students and families we serve in our schools, this constant attack on their culture and language must be extremely difficult to endure. As a dual language educator, what are you doing to challenge this subtractive mindset?

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