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The Dual Language Schools Survey: The How, Why, What & When

The Dual Language Schools Survey: The How, Why, What & When

5 Min.

Last year, after a lot of hard work and tireless support from many people, California passed Proposition 58, which repealed the bilingual education restrictions created by Proposition 227 in 1998. This was great news for Dual Language Education! However, this also created a huge demand for more dual language schools. Because of the previous restrictions on bilingual education, there were no up-to-date materials to sustain these new schools. All the materials were developed years ago before the restrictions, which caused these new schools to develop their own materials, which they often did not have the means or time to develop effective materials for students. To encourage more Dual Language materials, we conducted a survey with CABE (California Association of Bilingual Education) to encourage more publishing companies to create materials to satisfy the needs of these schools. We presented our survey findings at La Cosecha Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Utilizing data from California Dual Language programs that intended to decipher the challenges Dual Language programs were facing within their curriculum, teacher management, and assessment. The survey had 80 participants, and the participants were asked questions regarding the program models, curriculum used, type of immersion program, languages utilized, and challenges faced. The majority of the respondents were two-way dual immersion, programs utilizing a 90:10 model, followed by a 50:50 model. The most used languages were Spanish, followed by Spanish/French, beginning at the kindergarten level.

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