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A Message of Hope and Responsibility

A Message of Hope and Responsibility

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Through fluid poetry and stunning imagery, Francisca Sánchez and her son Nicolás Gabriel Sánchez created a message of hope and responsibility with When I Dream / Cuando Sueño. The book opens with the narrator's foresight and intention to teach while nature is treated as this wondrous force meant to be respected and engaged with as an endless source of inspiration. Thematic focal points include leadership, ambition, time and generational impacts and the method of delivery soothed minds stimulated by literary and visual art.

Francisca's elegant and delicate language created new ways of viewing day, night and all that can be seen in between. Her words strung together the art by her son Nicolás whose strokes and bold colors depicted gorgeous beings in their natural habitats. The narrator's experience of dreaming is synonymous with teaching, which gives readers a valuable dual language classroom experience.

Francisca was once an English language learner who has since soared to make tremendous impacts in literary arts and education. She started in education as a high school teacher but has evolved as an esteemed leader among school districts, California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE), and Provocative Practice™. Her son, named after Nicolás Guillén and Gabriel García Márquez, is an artist and interior designer whose leadership mirrors his mother’s passion for creativity and social consciousness. This was their first partnership in publishing and we hope it will not be the last.

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