5 Innovative Approaches to Find Bilingual/Dual Language Teachers

Hiring quality bilingual/dual language teachers is a competitive feat for any school leader but the increasing values of biliteracy, bilingualism and biculturalism in today’s world means competition is getting more and more fierce. Here are five innovative approaches schools can use to find bilingual/dual language teachers.

1 Create partnerships with universities to offer certification

New Jersey – Newark Public Schools partnered with Montclair State University to offer in-house, four-course bilingual certification program at Luis Munoz Marin Elementary School and online. The program is open to current and future employees of public schools in the district and those who successfully complete the program will be reimbursed by the district. Partnerships like this can generate many benefits for both your school and the partnering institution for higher education.

2 Identify associations to help increase capacity through training

New Mexico – Dual Language Education of New Mexico (DLeNM) partnered with Albuquerque Public Schools to increase teacher and principal capacity through dual immersion training at eight schools in the Rio Grande area. Financial support came in the form of a hefty grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, which helped fuel the capacity of the district’s implementation of dual immersion programs. State and regional associations are extremely viable resources to tap into when seeking ways to improve staff performance.

3 Leverage social media with consistent and relevant material

Facebook and Twitter are probably the most recognizable social media platforms that can be used to offer more than silly memes and political tangents. If a school’s page has more than 1,000 likes, the potential for generating awareness about opportunities, resources and news increases drastically. For example, the Seal of Biliteracy has over 3,000 likes, which means it has the potential to reach over 20,000 in just one week! Creating a social media identity for your school will not only build awareness of exciting events but attract savvy bilingual/dual language teachers who can leverage student interests with technology in the classroom.

4 Increase your school’s visibility with national directories

DualLanguageSchools.org is a community for dual immersion school leaders, educators and parents in favor of achieving success through dual immersion programs. The first feature users see is the National Dual Language School Directory so job seekers across the country can find a nearby school to apply. Directories like have a tremendous impact on bilingual/dual language teachers’ decisions about the school and community they wish to service with their educative expertise.

5 Optimize free online resources like the Job Board

In order to achieve successful results with biliteracy, bilingualism and biculturalism in the classroom, dual language school leaders need educators to guide students. There’s no better way to recruit bilingual/dual immersion teachers than posting job opportunities on the Dual Language Schools Job Board! Employment resources like this vastly reduce the overwhelming feeling of sifting through lists of opportunities that may not be relevant to bilingual/dual language teachers’ needs.

Arthur Chou
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