5 Tips on Drawing Attention to your Dual Language Program

With the current political climate, it is immensely important to advertise your dual language program effectively and strategically. We must continue to exemplify the many benefits of dual language programs. The experience of immersing your communication skills into a foreign language is both interesting and challenging. By making information on your dual language program available to the public, you make your program accessible to a multitude of teachers who need jobs, parents who need schools for their children, and administrators who want to see similar programs.

Give future generations the gift of being bilingual. To do this, utilize the below 5 tips on how to draw attention to your dual language program, and attract those who can get the most out of your program.

Find Teachers by Using Free Job Board Resources

It is increasingly more difficult to deliver a perfect dual language program given the limited availability of dual immersion teachers. This is because of the challenging, and expensive nature of gaining access to a viable bilingual training course. To find more teachers for your dual language program, you are also offering more of a marketing tool for your program. Offer effective training courses to help teachers get the training necessary to work in your program. The more helpful you are, the more teachers will want to work in your program. Collaborate with a nearby college or university to work with people who may be looking for employment. This will create an automatic advertisement for your program.

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Create an Effective Website

Creating an effective website will indicate why you are passionate about your program. To find students, you will need to attract parents. The more the parents are satisfied with your program, the more you are likely to get approval and referred by many students as well. Failure to continually enroll students will cause an inability to sustain the program. On the website, be sure to offer bios on your teachers, list the benefits of dual language education with articles supporting this, and the classes supporting this. One of the main hesitations of dual language education is the challenge of learning curriculum in two languages, give examples on how this can make children more intelligent.

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Use Dual Language Resources

There are many resources that support your endeavors in aiding your dual language program. Below, we have attached many of them. You may need a consultant in advising your dual language program in its’ beginning steps, or to advise with family engagement in the maintaining stages of your program. These resources will allow you to do so, and if you simply do not have the budget for a consultant, the resources below have tools that you can access online. These platforms are an excellent place to begin your journey of starting or promoting your dual language program. Including them on your website will show how you are a top affiliate of dual language education.

http://drjosemedina.com/ http://www.corpusdelespanol.org/x.asp https://emedia.rmit.edu.au/learninglab/content/academic-word-list-tool https://www.ed.gov/parent-and-family-engagement https://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/oela/index.html http://www.colorincolorado.org/ http://cal.org/what-we-do/services https://ncela.ed.gov/ https://dlenm.org https://californianstogether.org

Nominate a Dual Language Teacher of the Month

Duallanguageschools.org hosts a program where you can nominate a teacher within your program for this recognition. There are prizes that go along with the recognition, and the nominees are selected by a panel of dual language teachers from around the country. This helps to draw attention to your program, as there is an entire article created about your teacher. It is sharing with the entire dual language community the great things your program is doing. The form to do so can be found here: https://duallanguageschools.org/teacher-month-nomination

Register Your Program with the National Dual Language School Directory

For parents who may be looking to move to a new area or are trying to find a school in their area, the directory helps them to locate programs in the area. There is also a resource guide on the website that allows you to utilize steps and processes on how to begin and maintain your dual language program. Suggest a school official to write for the website-This is a great way to market your program to users on the dual language platform. It is likely you can attract a good number of students towards your program, given the users will love the content contributed by your official. To register, follow this link: https://duallanguageschools.org/reg

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We all know that the benefits of dual immersion programs are endless. They provide a harmonic experience for students, where they learn to become accepting, intuitive, and inclusive. The programs provide a sense of unity and comfortability among numerous cultures, especially for ELL students. It allows students who are ELLs a chance to feel comfortable with the language, non-minority students to become open to more ideas and become accommodating to the world views of others. In the future, your students may be able to achieve the Seal of Biliteracy Award or the Pathway to the Seal of Biliteracy Award. These awards can provide many scholarship opportunities for students, which can help them achieve employment or get into better colleges.

Dual Language Programs have proven benefits to help students excel in all academic areas. In short, Dual language education is an excellent way for students to gain intelligence in all facets, socially, economically, and academically. In this day and age, that is of the highest precedent.Therefore, it is imperative to promote your dual language program to gain access to a sufficient pool of students, and give them the experience of a lifetime.

Photo: 5 Tips on Drawing Attention to your Dual Language Program

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