7 Reasons Why to Register Your Dual Language Program on The National Directory

There are many schools that offer dual language education (and growing!) but finding the program that will be most beneficial for a student can be a tough task. Schools offering a dual language or immersion program needs to ensure they support all students to reach high levels of academic achievement and biliteracy. The program must provide a safe and engaging learning environment that values multiculturalism while preparing students to be college and career ready in an increasingly competitive generation.

Your school’s registration on the National Directory at duallanguageschools.org will be beneficial in the following ways.

1.Draw Attention To Your Program: Not all students, particularly ELLs, are aware of which schools offer such programs in their area. Most parents these days depend on online information for their queries. Registering your school on the National Directory will allow your school to be found when anyone searches for DL programs in their state.

2. Connect with Other Programs: Another huge benefit is that your school can connect with other institutions offering bilingual programs across the country. You can calibrate and acquire best practices that will enable your program to stay at the current standard.

3. Find Teachers for Your Program: If your school is falling short of teachers or educators with experience in DL programs, then you can use this platform to search for highly qualified teachers. At duallanguageschools.org, the main purpose is to bring together everyone associated with dual language education to communicate freely and support each other when required. The directory can help you in finding the nearest program in your area and connect you to them so you can apply for a position there!

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4. Allow Students to Find the Best Fit: Registered schools are rapidly increasing, this gives more options for students to select schools within their area. Registering your school on the National Directory will allow more students to find the best DL program that would fit their needs and requirements. Parents can tour all the DL programs in the area to see which is closest, or which offers the right program for your child

5. Allow Administrators To See What Programs Already Exist In The Area: This is a great way to let administrators get a good idea about the different DL programs existing in the area. With over 1400 programs already registered on the National Directory, it will be convenient for administrators to learn about the various DL programs within the vicinity. School leaders who are well informed about their program fosters a proactive school climate that maintains high academic goals for all students.

6. Allow People Interested In Starting A Program To See What Languages Have Not Been Created In DL Programs: Since the National Directory serves as the base for all kinds of DL programs across the country, it will be easy for those interested in starting a program to find out what languages have not been created in the DL programs. This way, they can create a program that will include a new language. This option aims to establish opportunities and customize programs based on what is needed in your area.

7. Be Part of The Growing DL Community: Finally, registering your school on the National Directory will make you a part of the fast-growing DL community. This is the place where parents, school leaders and teachers work together to ensure that students can get the maximum benefit from a dual language program. With all these benefits there is every reason for you to register your school on the National Directory. This one step from your end can help more students to fulfill their potential intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially.

Arthur Chou
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