Dual Language SchoolsHow Do You Recruit Qualified DL Teachers?


You have an amazing dual language program, you have the curriculum that fits your goals for the students, a space that feels inclusive to the community, now all you need are the dual language teachers to make your program come to life. It can be difficult to find qualified dual language teachers for your program, so in this article, we will be giving you some advice to aid you in your pursuit of finding the best teachers in your program.

1. Post your Positions on Job Boards

Oftentimes, teachers are not made aware of available positions in their area. By offering credential programs, you are giving them incentive to join your program and ensuring they have the best qualifications to teach your students. Job Boards can be expensive and not send your information to the right people, that's why it's important to use job boards like the one on the dual language website, that are completely free and catered to those in the dual language community.

2. Include the Community

By hosting community inclusive events that introduce your students to members of their community, you are making them more culturally aware, more open to diversity, and develop their interpersonal skills at an early age. In addition, you are also making community members aware of your program, and therefore finding people to be interested in your program. With credential programs, you have the means to prepare them to join your school and additionally provide your community with employment that will benefit the entire area.

3. Advertise Your Program

By registering your program on the Dual Language Directory you are making it more available to potential teachers who may be looking for a job. You can write specific information about your program to show teachers why you are passionate about dual language education. By providing teachers with an idea of how your program is, they may be more interested in pursuing a position at your school.

4. Attend Conferences

Attending conferences like CABE, NABE, TESOL, and La Cosecha, allows you to network with people who are interested in the same values as you are. Many teachers go to these conferences looking for positions, and by attending them you are setting yourself up to meet likeminded people. If you were hired in a position by meeting someone from a school district at a conference, please email info@duallanguageschools.org, we would love to hear your experience.

5. Use the Events Calendar

By hosting events for teachers interested in positions at your school, you can connect with the people who may best serve your program. You also have the opportunity to inspire them about your program. Therefore, it is important to show them your mission, the curriculum you are using to showcase your mission, and the reason they should feel passionate about your program. You can post this event on the events calendar, and therefore open the event up to a larger demographic of people who may not have known about it otherwise.

There are many individuals out there who are well qualified and ready to change generations, they are just waiting for the opportunity. Give them this opportunity by following the above steps. Let us know how they work for you, and always feel free to write your thoughts on this article by visiting the forum!