Dual Language SchoolsHow do you take your program from good to great?


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As the popularity of dual language programs continues to sky rocket, this also means the competition among programs in the area only increases. By being an influential program, you set the bar for other programs, giving more and more students the opportunity to be bilingual. It is so important to set the standard for programs, so that we can truly create an inspiring environment for a bilingual world. There are many things you can do to make your program stand out. Here are a few to help your program excel.

1. Hire a Consultant

Duallanguageschools.org recently launched a consultant directory, that provides schools with a list of consultants who can help advise your dual language program. The directory is comprised with the most experienced, knowledgeable, and influential people in the area who can truly change the trajectory of your program. Visit the consultant directory to find someone who is a good fit in changing your program.

2. Attend Conferences

Attending conferences like CABE, NABE, La Cosecha, and TESOL can provide you with the tools to understand what makes programs great. CABE always honors a Seal of Excellence School, and by understanding what makes this school excellent, you can apply these same qualities to your program. You will also be able to meet other administrators, and consultants at these conferences, which can help with networking opportunities for your program.

3. Register your program on the Directory

By registering your program on the national directory, you open your program to many people who may have not been previously aware of it. When parents move to new towns, and look for dual language programs, they will be able to find your program easily via the directory. On the directory, you can add specific information about your program that makes it stand out among all dual language programs.

4. Identify your Mission

By identifying the mission behind your dual language program, you can clearly communicate this to the employees of your program. This will allow your employees to set goals for themselves within the program, and for their students. By giving your employees something to be passionate about, it will help them to get through the difficult times of teaching. And let's be honest, there will be difficult times.

5. Post on the Job Board

For any positions that your program has available, post them on the job board. Duallanguageschools.org has a viewership from teachers, administrators and parents nationally. Most people who use the website are passionate about dual language education, therefore, by using this free resource, you open the position to many passionate potential employees.

Just by taking the initiative to start a dual language program, you are already doing so much to change our world for the better. These tips can help you improve the status of the program, and the better the program, the more bilingual the world becomes!