New and Improved Guide to Start a Successful Dual Language Immersion Program

Interested in starting a Dual Language program but don’t know what to do?  “Dual Language School Guide to Start a Successful Dual Language Immersion Program” is going through a revision in 2017 with the latest information to start a Dual Language Program. The updated version of the guide is more interactive as the chapters all direct you to a forum where you can interact with other School Administrators. We invite you to utilize the forum where you can share your experiences with your Dual Language Program or ask any questions you may have of other members in the Dual Language community. This easy to read guide is completely free with instructions to guide you through creating, executing and supervising your dual language program.  

The Guide is divided into three sections:

  1. Planning
  2. Implementing
  3. Monitoring

The Planning section guides you through choosing a program model, finding the appropriate bilingual faculty, securing a budget, and cultivating community support around the program. The planning section has been updated to reflect how you can utilize Social Media to engage the community and create support around the program.

The Implementation section focuses on garnering support from a School Board, District Administration, Site Administration and Resource Personnel. These groups will allow your program to be effective by having many different contributing perspectives. The implementation section also encourages fostering a positive, inclusive, multilingual environment around the campus and community. This includes engaging parents in the conversation. This section will also advise utilizing ELD/ALD programs, how to provide professional development services for the faculty, and how to accurately self-assess your program.

The Monitoring section allows you to create public exposure around your program by advising on accessing public relations and recruitment services. The section also instructs on utilizing the proper materials for your classrooms, such as supplementing the in-class work with authentic literature for voluntary reading by grade level. You can seek further advice on this and discuss materials that work the best in your classrooms by utilizing the forum, which is accessible at the bottom of each chapter. The guide is an interactive way to plan your program by utilizing the Dual Language Schools Community.

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