Dual Language SchoolsSummer is the Time for a Dual Language School to Shift its Focus

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Summer is the Time for a Dual Language School to Shift its Focus

Summer has arrived, and with it, comes a shift in focus for dual language programs across the country. Now is the time to work on marketing your program to attract new families and foster new partnerships in the community, as well as to research new curricula and practices for the coming school year. Registering your program in our dual-language school directory can help you accomplish all of these and more!


Advertising your program makes it possible for families in your area to discover your location and begin the application process for their children to attend. It also introduces your program to local businesses looking for community programs to support through financial or product donations.

Be sure to reach out to local media to pitch stories about the importance of bilingual education, especially as the back-to-school season approaches in August. Our directory makes it easy for journalists to find you and a reference phone number for upcoming segments and articles on bilingual education.


This is also the perfect time to prepare for the coming school year by researching and applying for grants to fund new projects and class materials next semester. And as bilingual education continues to develop across the nation, it’s important to research new techniques, teaching strategies, and materials to implement in your classrooms. Consider partnering with other programs in other states to exchange ideas and possibly setup sister classrooms so that your students may practice their newly developed communication skills. Use our directory to find programs like yours in other parts of the country!

Or, you might be looking to hire additional staff as your program continues to grow. Listing your program in our nationally recognized database adds credibility to your program and may be used as a reference. Bilingual educators may also use it to find you, and apply to fill new or empty positions in your program.

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