Dual Language Schools: Teacher(s) of the MonthDual Language April Teacher of the Month: Robert Nunez!

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Dual Language April Teacher of the Month: Robert Nunez!

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Robert with his students at a Día de Los Muertos event: students participated in this event to commemorate a loved one. 5th grade students investigated the meaning of the event Día de los Muertos. During the classroom event, students show cased their “altares” and involved their parents in telling the story of a loved one.

In this edition of Dual Language Teacher of the Month, we honor a teacher who has been involved in education for nine years and had to tackle many obstacles along the way to achieve his dream of educating future generations. Meet Robert Nunez, an inspiring educator hailing from Frenship ISD, in his home state, Texas!

“Robert Nunez is an amazing 5th grade dual language teacher. He is passionate, inspiring, and has that special gift to engage and discipline his students. Robert’s achievement expectations regarding instruction are high, and he challenges all his students to the highest levels of success. His students and parents love him. In my 25 years of educational experience, I have never encountered such an educator like Robert. He is that dream teacher and model that we as parents all desire for our own children. Frenship ISD is proud to say that it is a privilege and an honor to have Robert Nunez as one of our dual language teachers who builds relationships with his students and educates our future leaders of tomorrow.

Robert spent the first five of his nine years teaching kindergarten and is now in his fourth year of teaching fifth grade. He teaches the same students that he had in kindergarten. He credits his mother as being his biggest influence in pursuing education, as she always pushed him to excel in all categories of his life.

I grew up working in the cotton fields in West Texas during middle school, and later in high school I worked as a mechanic with my dad. My grades suffered terribly because I was always working after school. I was not prepared for college, so I dropped out and became a truck driver in the Oilfield Industry. My mother insisted that I go back to school and become a teacher. Eventually, I found a narrow window of opportunity to go back to school as a non-traditional student (married and now with three children). I started taking remedial courses in reading, writing and math at my local community college. I discovered that I was developing a passion for these subjects. I ended up graduating summa cum laude and earned a master's in curriculum and instruction from Texas Tech University.

Robert completed his student teaching assignment at Willow Bend Elementary in kindergarten and in 5th grade. His mentor teachers were very passionate about their classroom and the content they taught. He aspired to be just like they were, and when Mrs. Leeth, kindergarten, moved out of state, he was then offered that position where he taught for five years. Later, Mrs. Erickson moved in to administration, and he was asked to teach 5th grade.

Robert is motivated and driven by the connections he makes with his students. He loves connecting with the students and their families in as many aspects of life as possible. He strives to attend as many birthday parties, quinceañeras, and graduation events as he can.

I enjoy the art and science of teaching. I believe in my students, that they can accomplish anything. I strive to provide opportunities for in the curriculum for each one of them to find and express talent. I encourage all my students to get involved in as many activities as possible. Every morning, I make sure they know they are walking into the best classroom on earth, because they make it so! They know that the classroom is theirs and that they can set academic goals and reach them. I see myself in them! Both in their academic development and in their creative ways of having fun and learning.

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