Dual Language Schools: Teacher(s) of the MonthSydney Valdez and Noelia Gomez!

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June's Dual Language Teacher of the Month award continues the trend begun in May by celebrating and recognizing the hard work of a duo of teachers. Sydney Valdez and Noelia Gomez who work as a team at Tyler Elementary School in Washington, D.C. and were nominated by Laura Chapa. Clara shared this about the duo, "Sydney and Noelia communicate high expectations, respect and show interest in each of their students. Both teachers recognize students as bilingual learners. They help them making cross linguistic connections by coordinating the skills taught in each language to maximize cross linguistic transfer and supporting learning in content areas without repeating." With that said, we are thrilled to recognize the work of these outstanding educators!

Each of these women followed different paths to becoming teachers and that road brought them together at Tyler Elementary School. After receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Latin American Studies and Spanish, Ms. Valdez felt she could put her degrees to use by working as a paraprofessional. She sought out a position at Tyler and began working in a Pre-K class room She fell in love with teaching and her supervisor recognized her talent for working with children. The principal of the school told her about an alternative certification program that would train her to become a classroom teacher where she would be placed in a high-need school. Ms. Valdez was accepted to the program which she completed, and is currently in her 5th year as Kindergarten teacher at Tyler Elementary School.

Ms. Gomez, who is originally from Spain was pursuing a degree in early childhood education. As a part of her studies, she began a practicum that helped her realize that,

It's not a profession that you can learn everything in your degree. It's a path of effort and persistence during your whole life.

She attended classes at SEK-Atlantico International School in Spain and was offered a teaching position as a member of their team. "It was amazing to keep learning from them and at the same time be a teacher in a school that the students are able to learn through different perspectives and languages."

Each member of this team has a passion for being a teacher and thoroughly enjoys working with their students throughout the day. Ms. Valdez loves to inspire her students to work hard to insure that they reach their potential. She shares,

the most personally rewarding moments of my job come when I am teaching Guided Reading and Phonics. It is especially rewarding to witness my students that are struggling readers gain confidence and pride in themselves as they grow in reading, writing, and speaking.

She understands the importance of tailoring instruction by using strategies and practices that she can use with each individual student. Ms. Gomez' favorite part about teaching is that it is so dynamic. She shared,

My favorite part of being a teacher is that every day is a new experience and you always can learn something new. Both teachers understand that there is not a "one size fits all" solution to teaching students as they all have different needs. They insure that they adapt their teaching strategies to ensure that each and every student succeeds.

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