Dual Language SchoolsAn Interview with Carla Curiel; CEO of Mundo Lanugo


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Some of the topics that parents can discuss further and enjoy are:

  • Good manners
  • Latino sayings and their teachings
  • Latino celebrations such as Carnival, Day of the Dead, and the Three Wise Men, among others.
  • The adventures of Don Quixote de la Mancha, renown Spanish literary character
  • Artists like Botero, Frida, Diego Rivera, Dalí, Picasso, among others.
  • Caribbean rhythms and musical instruments
  • Popular Latin flavor and dishes
  • Traditional games
  • Popular children's songs in Spanish

It is a fact that children learn best by doing. So, the app makes suggestions that parents can put in practice to utilize the themes. For instance:

  • Cook together a rich rice pudding
  • Do a dance party to the beat of "La Cucaracha"
  • Teach your kid how to play the yoyo
  • Play dress up and celebrate carnival to the rhythm of drums
  • Recreate with your child the story of Don Quixote
  • Build a fun toy out of recyclable materials

The app is also an amazing resource and great practice for children in dual language programs at school that only have a basic/intro level of Spanish.

The app is important because culture is who "you" are-as simple as that. Our kids are a mix of both cultures, and so they should know both. We truly believe that our children need to know where they come from in order to be confident about where they are going. A strong and empowered self-identity is important for their future success and the way to achieve that is by understanding your roots, having a sense of belonging and acceptance to one's self.

Carla hopes that one of the biggest benefits of the app will be fostering empathy. She believes that children that are raised in multilingual homes are more open to accept others because they have seen and have learnt to appreciate more than one culture (more than one truth). They can see that there isn't a 'right' way to be, but rather a different way and that each one is beautiful in its own way.

For Carla, being bicultural is just as important or even more important than the second language itself because it provides children with a sense of belonging in their identity as 'Americans and Latinos at heart'.

It's been proven that there are many health benefits of having a bilingual brain, including better critical thinking as well as lower chances of Alzheimer's in the future, and then there are the future implications for their job opportunities. The world is becoming more global every day so the more languages they speak, the better opportunities that our kids can have.

Carla hopes to be an inspiration to other moms looking to raise bilingual and bicultural children in the US by being an example of one. Her daughters are currently six years old and both speak, read, and write perfectly in both languages, and she plans to sign them up for a third language class (French).

Balancing a career and parenting is a challenge to everyone. Carla finds that she succeeds due to keeping her priorities in line, which doesn't mean that her list of priorities stays consistent every day. Overall, she puts her family first, but there are certainly many times that as an entrepreneur, her venture has had to come first-like the launch of a big project, or during some peak periods. Other times, it's her health or the health of a family member that comes first. To sum it up: Carla believes that it's all about being conscious and mindful of which area of her life needs to be handled at a particular moment.

We thank Carla for pioneering the way for female CEOs and bilingual education. We can't wait to utilize Mundo Lanugo to help students be both bilingual and bicultural!