Effective Interviewing for Dual Language Programs

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Have you finally completed your dual language training? Excited to get into the classroom? What’s holding you back? As we are currently facing one of the largest teacher shortages in the United States, you’re in luck, because now is better than ever to try to find employment in a dual language program. Sometimes, people who are normally very eloquent and can express their qualifications clearly get nervous during interviews, as they tend to be a high-pressure environment. Here are some tips to interview effectively for the dual language program of your choice.

1. Don’t Brag

Teachers are passionate people, and while it is important to clearly state your qualifications and exude confidence, most often program directors are looking for people who truly care about their students and the future of education. Even the most qualified people are not often the best teachers, as it is important to have an empathetic character to be a successful teacher. Therefore, discuss your qualifications clearly while also discussing why you were inspired to be a teacher in the first place. This allows you to show persistence and motivation within your teaching certification process.

2. Research the Program

Make sure that you know the details of the dual language program for which you are interviewing before the interview. Every program is different, and some may utilize different models or theories of thought that you are unfamiliar with. By understanding the program and their values beforehand, this will give you a leg up on other candidates who did not do their research.

3. Know What the Latest in DL is

Do you follow duallanguageschools.org on Facebook? We are always posting articles that discuss what’s new in dual language. By being up to date on this, it will show that you are genuinely interested in the future of dual language education, and truly believe in the benefits for future generations. This will also help you be prepared for any questions they may ask you about DL in the news.

4. Dress to Impress

First impressions are everything, and it’s important that you look the role you are interviewing for. While many believe it is best to show up in a suit for an interview, in teaching positions, the thought has changed. As students need to feel a sense of comfort with their teachers, the suit can often be intimidating. For teaching positions, wearing something business casual (jeans and a blazer, a casual dress, a blouse and slacks) may show that you are more prepared to be on the same level as the students.

5. Meet with other Teachers

Use the Events Calendar to link up with other teachers who may be interested in similar positions as you or have a position you would like. Don’t be afraid to ask them to go for coffee to learn what they did to achieve their role. We can really learn from each other as teachers, and it’s important to communicate and collaborate to best serve the students. You never know how a connection you make may serve you in the future!

Above all, showing your passion for education and the future generations is the most important thing you can do. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, even being nervous can show how much you care about the role. Use these tips and make sure to register your DL program on the website when you land that role!

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