Dual Language Schools: Biliteracy Word of the WeekCandy: A Sweet and Short Story

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Candy, or sweets, is a child's favorite delicacy. From lollipops to chocolate—yes, chocolate falls under the 'candy/sweets' umbrella—they come in different shapes, flavors, and textures. Candy is enjoyed by many around the world, not just children. Whether it be a craving for a birthday or any special occasion, like Valentine's Day, candy delights the palate of those who eat it. Let's explore the history of the word, preferably while eating a piece of your favorite candy.

First, let's go back to candy's fundamental ingredient: sugar. Sugar is made by making sugar granules from the sweet extracted juice of the sugar cane. The process is believed to have started in India around 500 BCE, and it is believed that Indian confectioners began making sweet morsels, calling them khaṇḍa, or piece of sugar, which comes from the verb khaṇḍ, meaning to divide or cut into pieces in Sanskrit. Some etymologists believe that the Sanskrit word goes back to a Dravidian (a group of related languages spoken in Southern India) source meaning to harden or condense.

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